Clipboard API (beta)


You can paste the data on the board via Clipboard. Data is passed as JSON String.

The simplest example:

{ "kind": "character", "data": { "name": "Chicken" } }

You can paste this JSON string into the CCFOLIA.

Data format

Currently only Characters are available. It is defined by Typescript.


type CharacterClipboardData = {
  kind: "character";
  data: Partial<Character>;

type Character = {
  name: string;
  memo: string;
  initiative: number;
  externalUrl: string;
  status: {
    label: string;
    value: number;
    max: number;
  params: { label: string; value: string }[];
  iconUrl: string | null; // [!]
  faces: { iconUrl: string | null; label: string }[]; // [!]
  x: number; // [!]
  y: number; // [!]
  angle: number;
  width: number;
  height: number;
  active: boolean; // [!]
  secret: boolean;
  invisible: boolean;
  hideStatus: boolean;
  color: string;
  commands: string;
  owner: string | null;

[!] You can not set external data for iconUrl and faces[].iconUrl. And, the default value takes precedence in x y active.

Item (Screen Panel)

Currently not available.

Marker (Marker Panel)

Currently not available.